Order Keto at Taco Bell with our list

Order Keto at Taco Bell with our list
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Ordering keto at Taco Bell is possible if you know what you are doing. 

In our short guide we will not only give you a few keto-friendly Taco Bell options to choose from; but we will show you how you can do it on your own.

Just remember that when it is your turn in line that you avoid things like tortillas, beans, and rice. 

While you’re at it would be a good idea to leave out beans, corn, and wraps as well. 

Taco Bell has a great drink selection; but we recommend for a beverage that you go with a water; we like ours with lemons. 

Naked Egg Taco 

We can easy turn this Taco Bell dish Keto by first getting rid of the potatoes; adding steak for $1.50 more and adding guacamole (optional). 

The wrap of this taco is already an egg so no changes are needed there. We included a picture of our customizations for your convenience.

For all other customizations feel free to visit the Taco Bell website directly and you can play around to see how you can turn almost any dish keto.

Power Bowl

Turn this meal keto at Taco Bell by asking for a powerbowl with lettuce, shredded chicken, cheddar cheese, and bacon. Feel free to add these additional options to order; sour cream, avocado ranch, and or guacamole.

We are in the process of updating this article with more keto-friendly dishes that you can order while at Taco Bell.

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