About Us

Hi, We’re Shon and Jeremy!

We are just two Facebook friends who live many miles apart that decided to start a Keto food blog together. Shon has a love and passion for cooking, and I have a knack for marketing and search engine optimization.

This website was officially launched in the beginning of December 2019 but we first discussed the idea of teaming up that May. For us this blog is more than just a keto recipes and keto diet website. We hope that our readers will use us as motivation to start a business online themselves. As cliche as it may sound, “If we can do it, then anyone can”.

Our Mission

The Creators of Start My Keto Diet

We aim to create one of the most comprehensive Keto Recipe Blogs that are found on the internet. We know that the task at hand won’t be easy, but there are a lot of pioneers before us that we look forward to networking with along our journey. In short, we aren’t in competition with other Keto Recipe Blogs, but we are their allies. If we happen to share a recipe that you like, we would hope that you would share it on your website with a link back to us of course, and that we would do likewise. It is only by helping the little blogger grow, that we all grow.

Shon herself is partaking in the Keto Diet, so this website is as much for her as it is for our readers. Feel free to reach out to anyone of us if you need some type of helping begin your keto weight loss journey by using the form on the Contact page.

This ketogenic website will be going through a lot of renovations over the next several weeks. We hope that you will subscribe to our newsletter where we will be giving you new recipes and special bonuses just for signing up for free. We look forward to hearing from you all. Take care.